Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Timeles Pleasure in the Eyes of Our Patrons

At New Apartment. Happy African American family having fun and celebrating moving day, excited brother riding his sister in cardboard box, parents hugging while sitting on the couch in background
"The space was equipped with everything I needed during my stay. It had a very comfortable bed and a clean and gorgeous bathroom."
Steve Ortiz
21 May 2021
"The home was very classy and modern-looking. All of the furniture was in pristine condition. Overall, the place was very well-kept."
Donna Peters
9 June 2021
"The rooms were very spacious and had a clean and crisp scent throughout. The hostess made sure that we were well taken care of."
Jonah Michaelson
10 August 2021
“Renting out the Slingshot was the most fun drive I have experienced in 34 years of driving. It's both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time!”
Julia Erickson
26 September 2021
“I’m more of a bike guy but I couldn't ride my motorcycle anymore due to my shoulder. Renting out the slingshot is where I get my thrills.”
Mark Lopez
15 October 2021
“The Most Fun Car to Drive EVER!!! Driving the Slingshot is the most fun I've ever had driving a vehicle!!!!”

Carissa Martinez
21 October 2021
“The Slingshot was a total head-turner. That car was a medium of self-expression for me. Would rent again 100%”
Noah Young
21 November 2021
“For a grand home like that, I couldn’t believe how affordable it was. My family’s experience was surreal. Will rent again.”
Lulu Nguyen
12 December 2021
“I have unbelievably high standards when it comes to home rentals. I think it’s safe to say that this experience has met them.”
David Mitchell
28 December 2021
“I had to make a few adjustments in my booking, but the hostess was gracious enough to accommodate my schedule even at the last minute.”
Jacky Coleman
12 January 2022
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