EasySide Vibes
in Providence, RI


Our EastSide Treasure, a freshly renovated two-bedroom, one-bathroom home, is now ready to witness the fulfillment of your pleasures. Stainless steel appliances, exquisite granite countertops, natural finished plank hardwood floors, and a bright, gorgeous full bathroom are just some of the features of this regal abode. Long-term and short-term guests alike will fit in quite nicely in this residence. It has a full-sized living area with everything you need to relax, including a modern TV, books, and board games. The kitchen has every joy of a home cook, from pots and pans to baking utensils. If you rent at EastSide Vibes, you’ll have convenient access to surrounding stores and services, different modes of transportation, as well as upscale private schools, colleges, and institutions. In addition to the abundance of local restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, and other small businesses in its proximity, the area also features a fantastic walking and biking path.

Location: 77 Abbott Street, Unit 3, Providence (Third Level)

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